Saturday, June 30, 2007

400th Entry

This post only serves one purpose: that is, in remembrance of the 400th entry on my blog. To be honest, I think it takes nothing short of a miracle to come this far, considering my guttering passion in my wide-ranging exploits - from books, movies, to toastmastering, soccer and babe-watching down Orchard Road. I believe I deserve a pat on my back. Blogging has indeed changed my life, no doubt about it.

(Damn! I keep editing this just because this is my 400th!)

Anyway, I have been busy with work (OT and more OT!), but still managed to read Hermann Hesse's masterpiece, Narcissus and Goldmund - my progress is slow but worthwhile - on bus journeys, while queuing at food courts, at ATM machines. It's absorbing, without doubt a difficult read.

I even sneaked away on Thursday to watch The Girl Who leapt Through Time. And what a great time I had: I don't remember when the last time I laughed so hard at the cinema. I'm not going to spill the beans at this point. All I want to say is: Go, just go and watch it! It's a must for all anime lovers.

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Whiskoffee said...

2 movies on my list - Transformers and this... Now, I need to find movie kakis. =)