Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dream of the Mynahs

Dream of the Mynahs

Little children of the night,
watch the mynahs, leap in fright.
Flip-flop, flip-flop, flap the wings,
into a strangest, silent dream.

Here, the mynahs pluck their cherries,
up in the tree, abundant in merry.
Rumble tumble gnaws their bellies;
must be the Martini, a cocktail or sherry.

You see, children, the mynahs have a party.
Sex and dirty, improprieties and girlies;
all night boozing, smokes and dances.
I see them through my lunatic lens.

Little children of the night,
watch the mynahs, exalt in flight.
Ha-ha, ha-ha, guffaws the flock,
into a strangest, silent night.

- Wannabe Poet
(Completed: 15 May 2007)

Some nights, if you listen close enough, you can still hear the mynahs go ha-ha, ha-ha...

Alright, so much for my wild imagination. If only someone could read my mind and get the gist...

I think it's time to curb my obsessive blogging...


JerL said...

I think you need to curb your wild imagination instead...

mrdes said...

haha...and that too:P