Friday, April 27, 2007

About Nothing

Being in the service industry - damn, how did I get myself into it? - we have what is called a morning drill every work day, 15 minutes past eight. Basically, it is just a sharing of encounters and experiences with customers the day before.

With the evolution of time, pushed by the wheel of boredom, we turn to interesting newspaper articles, bad or impressive service providers we meet. And if I remember correctly, I started it with an article from the morning newspaper on the service provided by SIA. At times, the session just degenerates, or you may call it an ascension into squeaking about the government, close to political-watching. Or it is about some social policies people dispute on, like the recycling of plastic bags, or the enbloc sale, for example. Alright, alright, it is just nit-picking or as Singaporeans like to call it: plain complaining. But, how did we - all Singaporeans - actually get to this stage? There, you have got me.

These all sound pretty irony, come to think of it. My colleagues and I are civil servants after all. Well, not for long. Though I can't shake off the notion that we will be headed by an ex-military officer, an proflic one even. And having say all that - I feel my mind wandering - I prefer to complain or ramble about nothing rather then put up some political discussions on my blog. Sometimes I feel like an airhead; all flowery without the substance. But that is the way I am.

PS: I suddenly realised how cool it is to be suggestive, telling things without doing it straight...

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