Sunday, February 04, 2007

Too Shy / I

Too Shy

A nosy friend asks,
What do you think of him?
Or for that matter,
the men you meet
in your outdoor activities.
I'm shy, you see,
too shy to talk to them.
Even though she goes
camping and canoeing.

So she just dislikes
to talk to men,
the nosy friend thinks,
or so she says.
I laugh perversely and shrug it off.
Oh, that I expect.
But deep inside I know
what's wrong with men,
and it's not her fault.

Wannabe Poet
(Completed: 24 Jan 07)


Oh yes, about me? Well,
there is nothing much
to say.
I've nothing much really.
Then again,
who actually has.

Dreams? Yes, I 've them.
Or use to have.
Who don't.
Then again, nobody live a life
like a dream.
Nobody I know.

I named myself
an intellectual bum.
Maybe, an overstatement
on the former front.
Books, music, movies,
are my fortes.
But what importances have they.

I swim, I run, to keep fit.
Some say to run away.
I wilfully refuse to face
challenges that life
obstinately offers to better

- Wannabe Poet
(Completed: 2 Feb 07)

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