Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Blogger's Teething Problems

Now, take a deep breath, brace yourselves. For this would probably be the only time that I talk IT. Besides being a IT moron, I have limited political savvy, except in office politics. That explains why I seldom ramble about either.

So in term of IT, what else can I talk about other than I have recently voluntarily opted for the "New Blogger". Pardon me, if I'm wrong here, but I understand some are man-handled or have their arms twisted behind their backs to change. So any teething problems you encountering? For me, plenty. And this has nothing to do with being IT savvy or not, believe me.

Problem #1: Labeling...

Don't get me wrong here, it is a great tool in the new blogger: You get to label your posts and put their links easily on your blog - no more HTML. What I understand is that you got to first create the label, like "Book Review" or "Movie Review" on a relevant post per label, before labelling similar posts by clicking the boxes on their left. Okay, sounds simple enough. But what I didn't notice was that the page was only showing the latest 50 of my posts. As I happily skimmed and clicked away till the end, naturally I would be looking for the rest of my earlier posts to label. This is where the problem comes. As I called for the page to show 300 of my posts, the clicks disappeared. So in the end, I had to start all over again.

Problem #2: Imaging...

Now, this was only but a small inital hiccup. The image of a boat on a serene lake on my blog takes only a blog template with dragging and clicking to upload and re-arrange, but the image at first couldn't reduce it's size to fit. The result: one-third of it was cut off from view. I was to find out about a small box I failed to click only much later.

Problem #3: Blog disappeared, replaced by error message right after switch.

I panicked here. All my posts, my life in the past months, disappearing with a single choice of change. The fact that a lot of newbies faced the same problem did not ease my anxiety. This resolved by itself. But not before emails and messages to Blogger discussion group were put up.

Problem #4: Changes made to template, posts/New posts not published.

Now, this is serious and still on-going. I will not see this entry at my blog till I re-start my laptop, or use another browser which I read somewhere, or unless I add a "?" to my URL address (ie., or click the February posts in the Blog Archive situated at the right of my blog. Hmm...I wonder will other bloggers see this instantly upon publishing.

Like I said, I'm a IT moron, so technical jargons you will not see. Seriously, I rather talk acounting or management. And no, I hate economics.

Edited: It seems for Problem #4, re-starting my laptop did not help:-P

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