Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Rantings

I have been less than disciplined with my blogging's frequency. When an opportunity was presented to me during lunchtime, I took it gleefully. So, what have I been up to and why?

1) We received the letter of offer on 12 Jan 07 from our new employer. Most of us turned pale, some cried. Some have their services terminated from Jun 07 onwards, some are offered contact, while all of us undergo a pay cut - well, almost all. That all but cleared the air of uncertainty. But no one knows who is staying or leaving, it being such a sensitive issue.

2) KL messaged and we went for a movie. He has been busy too, so gladly I accepted, what with the long hours at his "no-life, see-no-sun" job. "One Last Dance" is a local movie starring the irrepressible Francis Ng: not much substance (or maybe I couldn't understand), but all style.

3) Over the weekend, I was thinking - seriously. I don't want to end up like my colleagues after a decade, so have to push myself more in my studies; I have let it dragged too long. So I studied - much harder. I studied about Relevant Costing, where the opportunity cost attributable to a product launch, or a discontinuance of operation is calculated to assess the management's decisions. In between, I watched another movie, "Pan's Labyrinth". Well, in short, it is overrated with a fairy-tale-like storyline. And you ask why am I watching so many movies? I had some movie vouchers to spend, and needed to get my mind off things - that’s all.

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