Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sleepless Night Rambling

Sleepless I am now, being in a drug-induced daze most of the day since being inflicted with high temperature on Monday afternoon. Must be the haze hugging the sky and the haste of a hectic lifestyle - no better valid explanations.

I know I have to curb my late-night forage of MP3 or blog-hopping. Things could have been less complicated if my bed is warmer and less empty, that is what I think. Somehow, the obligation of evening class was still met, though nothing much got into my head. Yip, that's what sickness can do to you.

You know what? I am going to state the obvious: Singleton hates being sick, for there is no lovely word of comfort as you lie down helplessly weak and dejected; no, your friend or Mum don't count. I am glad to be well enough to attend the class. I say health is the greatest treasure that a singleton has. Either that or death I guess; pardon my morbid thought.


yanZzz said...


this is one new word i know today..
singleton aint tat JL la..
look on the bright side ..
at least u wont have to bother how come ur other half got angry over wat or wat ?

rite ?

d. said...

i am COMPLETELY opposite. i have been the most unfriendly person since i've gotten my cold. being sick makes me super anti-social. i am lucky that i'm single i think because this way noone is being offended right now...

i'm not sure why, but being sick or even sad or angry makes me seek solitude until its resolved.

ps: being non-single is over-rated... (but i guess it depends on who you're dating....)

d. said...
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d. said...

ps2: also, you're right being healthy is sooo great. and also thanks for the warm wishes you left on my blog, put a smile on my face for the whole day. ;)

mrdes said...

yanzzz, I suddenly see the light: being single is seriously under-rated.heehee...thanks to d:-). And I am feeling much better...