Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Wedding Anniversary

It was their sixth wedding anniversary. For the past years, this day had passed by just like any other - no candlelight dinner, no bouquet of roses. Then, one day before, she watched as a little girl at candy floss, a colleague receiving a dozen red and pink roses for her 19th year of marriage. Expectation swelling, she began to wonder how she has ended up in such a union and swore to harass her hubby about this.

On reaching home, she related the matter, only to face indifference. The next morning, on the special day, upon her reiteration, he retorted:" Why you so bo liao? So early looking for argument, is it?" So the matter was put to rest, or so he seemed to think. For the rest of the day, the deprived wife sat loathing; even doubting whether she had married the right man, before proceeding to conjure excuses for her beloved half to make herself feel better.


Now, we all know, things are usually easier said than done. But maybe, just maybe, the wife can do something about the situation other than sitting and sighing. The whole affair requires one to give more than take and a tiny bit of psychology. First, you have to discard the myth that love and happiness in a marriage are destined and best uninitiated by the taker. I believe, at times, some effort has to be put in to make things work to your expectation. Husbands are at times, like a jumping mechanical toy bird that required intermittent winding, sad to say. But for two persons at different end of a bridge to meet, either party can take that first step.

So what I am suggesting is perhaps the wife could take the lead, like whipping up a fabulous meal (I know, I know, not a lot of ladies can cook nowadays) or buying a surprise gift. Then again it need not be really special; just something to mark the day. And you will be surprise to see how far you can go with this little gesture. I am pretty sure that either the man in the house is one, cold-blooded animal – which I am sure he isn’t – or someone like you and me: all caught up in mundane everyday life. This then serves as a wake-up call, be it appealing to his guilt or touching his very soul to evoke a positive respond. If not, in all honesty, I can already hear the death knell closing when the wife reached home that evening. Imagine all the bottled-up emotions exploding right in your face. Don’t say the man can’t see this coming. I wouldn’t want to be there.


She has been having a slight case of diarrhea for the past few days, and intuited to see the doctor that afternoon. With the doctor’s verification of food poisoning, she called her hubby, telling him that a cab is taking her home to rest. He was supposed to be working, since it was only middle of the day, but without hesitation he disclosed he would be there to fetch her in their family car. But aren’t you working? There was no answer. But she was already flushed. Rather like a new bride.


My colleagues and I breathed a sigh of relief. That was my manager, you know. You never know when she might blow up on you. Indeed, I have learnt one thing: that mendacity, like fickleness, is in the blood of women. Don’t fall into the trap when one scorned: “Flowers so expensive one! Why waste money lah?!” And that was what the colleague who received the roses claimed to have told her Romeo. But we all knew then she was actually melting and all sentimental inside. It was also obvious to me that the other ladies were all smitten with envy when the bouquet first arrived at the office. It would be interesting to know whether her husband had astutely ignored her callous remark. That is of course, provided she had really given him a hard time, which I doubt so.

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