Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Bribery And The Carrot

I never thought I would see this day: a blogger admitting to a crime of bribery on his blog ("Kuching Traffic Police is My Best Friend"). Or perhaps he just thought that his ardent readers like me would fall for it as all real. But personally, I wouldn't risk it for a cup of coffee with some men in blue, or are they in white? - Whatever, does it make any difference? Don't believe me? - Ask James Gomez. It's easy to think that the social climate is just different over the causeway.

The recent election has opened my eyes - everything was so different, less complex when I was younger - but some colleagues who had went to the opposition's rallies told me I have seen nothing yet. In the days building up to the big one, there were whispers of dissent, of discontent - mainly with the upgrading carrot. A professor at a seminar we attended snapped half in jest at the expanding influence of certain political family. The junior even lamented the wasted energy and focus in fighting off those oh-so-useless oppositions in parliament. Now, that really got some government employees agitated other than myself - yes, I work for the government, in case you ask. And boosted by the better-showing oppositions, the office today transformed into a haven for government haters, cynical political observers and typical Singaporeans, who pay taxes, labour and spit at the hard life that our high cost of living has made to pay. We are all watching you, oh, you know who you are, and making sure the promise of funds for upgrading is fulfilled. Hey, it is our hard earned money okay! And I would willingly give some to my fellow Singaporean - opposition ward or not.

The differences between us and the lads across the bridge turn out only to be the use of word, from "bribery" to "carrot", and of course, that we did not take the bait.

PS: Now, I got to be honest here. In place of Kenny, I might have done the same or even worst.

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