Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Spot of Sunshine

I know I know, my so-called little project is nowhere in sight. Hey, words can't just appear out of thin air, you know. I guess I have to shelf my plan till a much later time as I busy myself with class, work, her and illness (cough and migraine: I am not kidding) - though not necessarily in that order. But typically, I had found that bright, brilliant spot of sunshine under dark, heavy clouds of obstacles, to write this tiny piece of work inspired by a DJ on Radio...

Things I should have said to my ex...

when the lady initiated the break-off (*sob, sob*):

1) "Let's see...that will be one zero, zero, zero, five, eight...sing dollars and... no cheque please (added on for effect), thank you" (not that I am "cheap" ok, nothing can buy the expression on her face.)


2) "Tell you what...we can still meet know what...that is, of course, if you want to..." (Hey, it's worth a try ok! - even for a slap across the cheek)

I don't think I am nasty...I am just "too nice", you bitch! (*a right uppercut*). The end of the world is here after which, where day is night and night is...hell! - Only for the next few days, or sometimes weeks of course.

Things I should have said to my ex...

for the man to incite the break-off:

3) "I will always be thinking of you..." (In my heart, I will be thinking: "yeah, right, as if you will feel better!" But then, it sounds so romantic, don't you think?)


4) "You know, the problem is not's me!" (One of those idiotic stuffs absorbed from late-night re-run of "Friends”: wasn't it Joey who said that?)


5) "To be or not to be (your boyfriend)...that is the question!" (Whatever THAT harm bringing in quotations as smoke screen at this point)

I can't remember when the last time I cried for a girl; I almost wish I can. Surrender can't be any sweeter.

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