Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Believe in...

A friend's words returned to haunt me. She advised not to be too influenced by others or society norm in the life you choose to live, or something similar along the line. For sure then, I got to be strong in my beliefs and values to live my own life.

I believe in...
1) Loving my neighbours like myself, but never more. (I know this is too much a cliché)

2) Living to learn and embrace change. Life is a continuous process of re-inventing yourselves. Our potential only ends on the day we cease to exist.

3) Opening your heart. Always seek to understand, do not judge. You will feel more alive by understanding another person's feeling.

4) Learning how to play (in the tradition of fish! philosophy). Learn to have fun in everything you do. You will realise that you can do a lot of things more if you are positive and have the right attitude for a start.

5) Treating myself better or even pampering myself. Whether you will get the credit or reward for something you have done depends on many factors, thus be fair to yourselves and do not get too disheartened.

6) Being truthful to myself...

yet tactful...

for example:

Kudos to Wendy Cheng of the xiaxue's fame (I am not linking this entry to her blog for more than one reason) for her antic, resulting in the man in the street knowing about the juicy happenings in the blogosphere via Today newspaper. That has truly raised the profile of and its readership. Great advertising strategy! (*double thumbs up*) Top marks! Ok, that's enough sarcasm for the day. I know I can sometimes be a hypocrite or whatever you call it.

PS: I have been writing in-between my work in office and bringing them back to post at home.

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