Saturday, November 12, 2005

Passing Thoughts...

I remember it was April Fool's Day when I reached home that evening to find my mum sitting in front of the TV attentively, watching the news flashing about the singing sensation's death. Like any others at that time, I could not believe it. Not just because it was April Fool's Day, but because of the shock caused by the suddenness and circumstance under which he passed away. The memory will to linger long after. And I thought what I saw were tears swelling up in my mum's eyes. We never really talk about it, but the fact is that my sisters and I, in particular, practically grew up with Leslie Cheung and his Cantonese songs. Perhaps, that evening, his death evoked grief in my mum as she was reminded of how death is close to her children, to her. Nothing is for sure - we could be walking freely one minute, and fighting for breath the next.

I remember going into my room, locking away the outside world and outside thoughts, to rest in serenity, to pray in silence and solemnity for my only idol to rest in heaven.

PS: With thanks to the little one for jabbing my long-buried memories with his posting.

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littleone said...

mrdes: how amazing that i saw your psoting in the net world. anyway, no need to say thanks la! :-)