Thursday, September 08, 2005

Positive Politics - Chapter 1

I was looking through some of my old files when I came across this 2-page article, so much so for housecleaning. The content sure enough brings back some memories. To think that I used to send this via my office email to some of my colleagues, hoping to change something or somebody. That was before I realised that we exist not to change anybody, but to show others how some things can be better deal with, hoping they will observe and learn...

Dedicated to the Brave Warriors of the modern battlefield; the workplace. Please stand up to be counted!

In The Beginning…

In the beginning, there was office politics; the term we love to hate but which has somehow become part of our life. This book attempts to put a stop to people playing with it to their advantages and to some others’ disadvantages. The various stakeholders in this mind game full of wit and emotions would be anyone of us, ever interchanging.
“Positive Politics” was thus born, but the actual purpose for its existence was never about shielding an individual against office politics; it rather allows the individual to sidestep the many pitfalls effortlessly, making the best out of any worse scenarios.

Chapter 1: What actually is “POSITIVE POLITICS”?

What is "Positive Politics"? - To make it a point that all your colleagues have a nice or happy experience every time that they come in contact with you.

Why should you be motivated to practice it?

1) The intention here is to contribute towards a great working environment for you and others. (firstly for yourselves than other!).

2) Furthermore, only by being sincerely nice to others (people can feel whether you are sincere!), will others be sincerely nice to you (does not matter who started it first!) and only a happy worker can be a good worker.(yup, your boss will think higher…I mean highly of you!)

3) Keep you focused on your job. You will think of every positive things and ways to be motivated to do your job. For example, you are more likely to put yourselves in your colleague’s shoe when attempting a task. You will tend to look at the task from an extra angle; that is of your colleagues. This gives you a bigger picture of how things actually work. The result is a more complete and comprehensive job being done.

4) You will grow as a person by being sincerely nice. As only by "opening up your heart" to understand others, you will learn more about yourselves (when you see similarities between yourselves and others), about human nature in general and how to put yourselves in other's shoes (thus the more you play with "Positive Politics", the better you will get!). And by knowing others better, you will know who to approach when you need help! (Trust me, you will need help, cos' no man is an island!).

5) The fact is office politic will always be around. It is just a matter of more or less. What positive politic does is to allow you to focus on what is actually important. It will not only enable you to put your best foot forward in your own job but it can also be infectious, motivating others to do the same.

6) If you have lesser so-called "enemies", the possibility of being backstabbed is much lower. This makes complete sense, right?

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