Saturday, September 17, 2005

If I have a choice...

I asked myself this question: If I have a choice to start my life all over again, what would I want to change? I would like to...

1) full-time, a degree course of my interest - preferably psychology or accounting - in a local University. Studying part-time is hard but it makes me realised how much I miss the learning experience and how fortunate and carefree it is to be able to put all of one's energy solely into studying.

2)...taste the innocence and sweetness of a young, first love. Just like the first time that you savour a bottle of Coke, the drinks after are just plain reminders of the first one. We are but only chasing after the shadow of our first love. I also don't wish to see love as a decision, but as something pure that comes straight from the bottom of my heart.

3)...reach out for my dream of being a soccer player. Even if I will to fail, it will be without regret for my life. Looking back, it was the words of a Primary school teacher who chained me to earth and stopped me from reaching for the stars. I was told I was never going to be good enough to make a living out of being a footballer; not everyone can be a Fandi, you know. I was only in Primary two then. But I never forget that.

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