Monday, July 25, 2005

A Lecturer and A Flasher

I attended my Sunday class today. Sounds boring right? Far from it - credit firstly goes to my lecturer, who somehow managed to whip a dead horse to life. That is why he is paid "peanut" - gold one, you know what I mean. I believe that lecturers for tertiary institutions need to know how to entertain, knowledge is not sufficient - they are a new breed of entertainers. Perhaps it is my age, but I was pretty tired throughout the lesson, although I felt sharp, effortlessly catching the lecturer's golden words on my notes.

We had our usual 15 minutes break half-way through the session. Most of us made a beeline to the toilet, especially the ladies. I really pity them as all we need is a urinal, while they form a long queue for the cubicle. As I answered my call of nature, someone appeared to rush behind me, towards the door on my left. I caught sight of a lady as she disappeared from the doorway. I laughed, half to myself and to the guy who just came in, but nobody froze, as if they have seemed it all, except me, that is. The guy at the door even had the composure to tell me it is alright and that it happens all the time or something in that sense; I was too busy enjoying the moment to listen clearly. I have to admire her gut to do the right thing - one steals into the gent rather than risks damaged kidneys. On hindsight, I thought our "gent's sneak" should demonstrate a bit more decency and respect. After all, there were two or three full-blown young men present, with their appendages bared. The door does show a distinct drawing of a man and I say we were owed the privilege of finishing our business in complete peace and away from being accused of flashing.

Apparently, there are some similarities between a lecturer and a flasher. For starter, both shamelessly peddles deceit and indecency - the former for want of wealth and the latter, for cheap thrill. And of course, both seek to entertain.

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