Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back to School

My night classes restart tonight without any expectation or excitement on my part. It is only a group of people of different nationalism "herd" together in a small space after paying ridiciously high amount of money to listen to a so-called professional indivdual talks. I don't know which is worst - the fact that we are paying for it, or that he earns an obscene amount of income annually just by recycling his materials day in and day out. Okay...I know nothing is fair in this world. To me, knowledge should be free for all. For knowledge is only useful when it is shared and used to help the less privilege. If he refuses to teach others, then his years of training would be deemed useless. Fanciful thoughts, you may say. So why does he need all those money if he is genuinely concerned with your performance? Or that is at least what they claims to be. I always think that lecturers are a rare breed though, given the way they tell you that they do not do it for the money, yet reaching out behind our backs to ask for the sky.

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