Sunday, June 19, 2005

Naked Blogster and Naked Truth

Diversity is what ensures the continuity of the human species, yet, ever so often, we find ourselves criticizing, laughing our heads off at other people's supposedly absurd ideas and lifestyle (yup, including those "fun people" friend of The "Naked Blogster" (I supposed she writes in the nude...hmm that gets me thinking...should I try that someday?...), true enough, exhibits diversity in thoughts and play of words (hey, did anybody mention me too?). Full of controversies, self- contradictions, self-doubt, a lost sheep and I could go on and on. Sad to say, she makes me feel old already. I am working on that, I promise.

I think for her, it is a case of individuality vs. society norm. What she thinks is normal, others think is weird (at least in her homeland). Well, as for my thought (I know, nobody asks for it), she is readily self-indulging, attention-seeking, selfish and silly (here I go again...). And she has the gut to say that her "value system" (whatever that means) does not allow her to hurt anyone, when her parents are the actual victims and she is somewhere far away (I guess any where not in Singapore or Malaysia is far enough). And what is with her having her say on TNP? That, in my opinion, only put her parents deeper into a bad enough position, yet she said she was doing it to show others she not only has a beautiful body (I swear I only saw hers twice when I show her blog to my friend, KL, who asked why all the fuss about blogging and when I first visited it) but has brain too. Well, I don’t and refuse to see how she has brain when she does not see the big picture. I don't and refuse to see how her parents are not hurt and have not suffered much more than her through this ordeal. And for that, I don't and refuse to have respect for such an individual. All in all, it is just plain silly, including me.

Words and thoughts are free. She has hers, the journalists have theirs, so have I. And lastly, for GOD's sake, just leave her alone to have the decency to rot and die (err...morally, of course and I am asking the media, not her parents), for I know no matter what others do or say, she will just does what she does and says what she says ( a victory for individuality? but at what price?). Then again, it is just a matter of time before everything blows over.

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