Saturday, June 25, 2005

Love in the Theatre

I can be some sort of a SNAG, if you go by my like for those romantic, you jump-I jump tearjerker type of human drama. Yes, a lot of times, tears would well up in my eyes as the lovers in the movie pledge their undying love with those sweet-like-chocolate words that melt in your mouth, not in your hands. At the same time, I would be envied of the lovers for at least they had the memories to savor. Perhaps I am only crying for myself. If this is so, good for me; at least I know how to.

How do two guys without babes spend their Saturday nights? Well, how about watching a romantic movie that had driven the ladies in Hongkong and Japan to tear buckets? "Be with you" is the latest to hit our cinema and our pockets. But no regrets, although the film was far from brilliant, it was still beautifully crafted with strong performances from the cast. And again, it made me tear. I guess in the darkness, nobody would notice, not even my friend sitting beside me. At the end of the movie, when the raining season ended, the lovers had to part, and for a moment, I wondered whether the brief reunion had done them more good or bad. Well, at least, they had a second chance to fall in love again, and they grabbed it with both hands.

Nobody can truly fall in love with the same person twice, as if they have never met or kissed before. I used to think that because a person grows and changes, you will have to fall in love with her again and again in order to keep the romance going in a relationship. Imagine the blushing and the quicken heartbeats as you think about her, look at her or speak to her for everyday of your life? It will all seem so surreal, almost mechanical. I am sure the human's heart does not work that way. I think that is what makes love so magical, precious and scarce. That is why it is not everyday that people fall in love.

When the lights came on in the theatre, you saw grinning couples hand in hand and you thought love is in the air. Hopefully, theirs would last a lifetime, for love is too beautiful and painful to be lost and found again.

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