Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fun at Funan

It is a public holiday’s eve and you get three lonely guys at Funan; four to be exact if you include me, but I was not feeling lonely. Far from it, I was excited to get my first laptop. I was determined to have one, so much so that I look forward to writing my first journal with it. With this thought, the fact that I was not with a lady I love was crowded out.

On the other hand, I saw three perfectly healthy local lads – Winston, George and Bernard – clinging desperately to each other, for company and comfort (I know that sounded pathetic, but that is what I think). The older one among them, Winston, who is also my secondary school classmate, realizes that time is running out. He is much more proactive – in searching for the woman of his life, that is – that I pale in comparison. It seems that he had taken notice and made the acquaintance of a young, bubbly girl at a pasta restaurant at Funan for some times now. And he was there, with our support – of the morale nature, of course – to ask for her hand phone number. Trust my old pal for his courage I must say. That he has aplenty, but what he does not have is no laughing matter, which I am myself experiencing now a day; the loss of hair, or rather, the lack of hair in his case.

You see, this friend of my has been losing hair since he hits mid-twenties, so much so that he decides to get rid of it once and for all. From my perspective, it looks real cool on him. To be honest, none of my friends would have looked as good as he does without hair. Alas! I guess the female species do have different taste when it comes to hairless or bald man. Now, I may have jumped to conclusion here, but then again, how else do you explain his failures in love over the years. It is not that he is jobless or dresses poorly. In fact, he is doing pretty well, managing an IT shop. What is more, he is what we would call a SNAG – sensitive new age guy. With his caring, calm and stable nature, any woman would welcome his shoulder to lean or cry on. In fact, I think if women know him half as well as I do, they would flock to him like bees to honey.

In truth, love in this age, takes only the first few looks to start and a last few words to end. No wonder people like us seem trapped in the repetitive cycles of hopes and disappointments. And needless to say, he did not end up with her number, but with the restaurant’s for ordering of pasta. This world can be very cruel, you know. Well, at least, my pal now knows he would not need to eat pasta for some times.

PS: Time and love waits for nobody; not for us to grow, to learn, to know how to love. We just move along with the tide of time.

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