Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On writing...

It suddenly occurs to me that I have being spending quite an amount of time on my writing at my desk, typing away for the whole of last week. I was busy with my Toastmasters project speech for the first three days. In between, I started on an essay entitled "The relation between cartoon/anime and my philosophy"(aka RCP, more on that later, I promise). Less than half way through RCP, I was working on "Tattoo and Nose-ring" (aka TNR), which I have to admit that I enjoy the process thoroughly. The question remains whether writing is one area that I want to go more into. Now that I have finished TNR, I realise that I am still far from being a finished product. My writings are at best, sincere, but inconsistent. For the very least,I still don't know how to differentiate between brilliant or mediocre writings. Perhaps along the way, I will learn. Just perhaps.

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