Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Love, Loneliness and Identity

I watched the Korean movie "3-iron" on Saturday. With love as its main theme, it was touching in its simplicity. The two main characters in the movie, a homeless young man and a abused housewife, broke into houses, eating and drinking others' food and wine, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and basically living the house owners' lives. I thought it was sad and rather pathetic of them for they seemed so lonely, searching for a place in this world to call their own. Perhaps, they were also searching for their real selves. I can see myself in them in this aspect. As the movie progressed seemingly without going anywhere, the young man learnt to "shadow" a person's move to the extent that he could sneak around a house supposingly without the owner's notice. And that was how the movie ended, with the character sneaking in the housewife's house, to so-call "live" with her under the nose of the husband. I guess we are all looking to live our own lives, away from the shadows of others, but yet at times, find ourselves following others' footsteps. It is as if there is a traced path, which we unconsciously walk on as it has been proven safe and everybody goes that way anyway.

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