Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Dance

Look like I had got myself into something I should not have, in the first place. Meaningless hours were spent for just a few minutes on stage. The tiredness and the previous time that could have been used more fruitfully made up only part of the sacrifice. Working with someone like Gin puts the whole matter in a totally different perspective. The constant pressure she puts on the group only resulted in more unhappiness. Words that should have remained unspoken were said and temper flared close to boiling point. You began to wonder whether it is all worth it. I began to doubt my wisdom in joining the club in the first place, keeping in mind that the performance was inevitable once I am in the club. Then again, since the performance is just one day away and with only one rehearsal to go, I guess we would have to bear with it till the matter blows over. After which, I doubt anyone in the group would want to work with or rather, for her again. It is as simple as that. Then, I will get to move on with my own life: books, writing, movies and soccer. And of course, studies.

PS: Everything happens for a reason. Ultimately, we have to grow and adapt to whatever situations and personalities threw at us. It is all part of life, I guess.

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