Sunday, January 30, 2005


2005 has started within a brink of an eye. Old is gold, I heard. But where do I go from here? I have no answer. At times, I felt powerless, swept by the tide of time. There are still so much things to do with so little ability and know-how I have. I need to sort out my priority in my life again, so call to reshuffle the cards. I would not put all my strength pursuing someone’s heart, although I know that I wanted to. I know for sure that I do still have some academic ambition. I can’t help thinking that we seem to be running in circle, that is, till our time comes.

My stress management, if there was any, was put under the microscope the other day. This is further evidences of my flaw and one aspect to look into in the coming year. It is kind of tiring and at the same time, frightening to see things happening around while you are left behind. It is like everybody is happy living his or her lives, except me. I am kind of envied of other couples, living in a paradise created by their unique love and emotions for each other. I would give up anything in exchange for such a world; just name me the price. Personal development is still the corner stone of my values. Self-actualisation would never leave me. Hope for a better future and love are pure essentials for survival. I came to realise that I need to have a strategy or a plan.

PS: With a bit more hope, tact, preparation and opportunities, in that order, the sky is the limit.

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