Friday, November 04, 2016

Some Poems - Late update

The Singapore Love Story

Another man, plain
As water. Winter lines
Written on face.

In steady hand he tighten
On her, his partner
For all seasons

Up the mall's escalator
Ride a silence deeper
Than winter

Into what the future
Holds, chest puffed
They share steel eyes.

He has decided she
Will not waste another
Of their dime.

P.S. "Time" and "dime" - get it? Haha.

Dear Library

The softness of your world
Not a wind blows
How time loses its meaning

As silent words grow

P.S.: Love the library, always.
Even at Mcdonald's
Rain hits on window,
Like shaker fries, can only
Romp in a small bag
A Professor's Lecture on Space
Firstly, to understand space,
You have to learn about the mystery
Of the black hole,

Of course!
P.S.: These last two poems were written based on what a certain MP said about sex not needing a lot of space.

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