Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday's Poetry Fever


In the dark father lights
A cigarette to blow his smoke
Out the bedroom window
Into clouds, but night
Has already fallen
And his thoughts lose
Their way.
How to Make a Lie Beautiful

Say you love her
Again, again, and
For the rest
Of her life.

Then you will
Mean it.

P.S.: Completing two poems in one day is a rarity.

On a Saturday Night
You have no one to blind you
With love. Which is a good thing
I am sure.
Too good to be true: A re-run
Of an old movie you have always wanted
To watch, but never get to
Because you have no one you want
To watch with.
You know Saturday is just the start
Of another weekend, nothing
To throw yourself into wet pillow
About. Except of course, you miss
A pillow fight. The one that
Sparks laughter before
Stealing titbits of soft

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