Sunday, March 27, 2016

One Poem and Two Haiku

And This Poetry

All I have to do is lift
My head to see green stars dancing.

And it is a mystery
how I missed this spot

Again and again,
Till this day, at 6.30 PM,

Beside a children playground
Built around a tree, the source

Of its life, I think. For it lends
Shade and beauty

And this poetry.

P.S.: I was so excited to share this that I practically rushed home. No, not going to post via smartphone - too dangerous while walking. A friend fractured his heel falling into a drain. And I am serious.

And two haiku...

Tree Pruning

Waves of bronze arms high
Rattle air to fall droppings
Into huge urchins.

In the Middle of the Night

With dreamy insight
A hand sneaks across to raid
His tunnel of trains.

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