Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Have Been Busy...


You are ginger. I am
A carrot waiting to lure
The white rabbit late

For an appointment out
Of its hole. Then I would fall
And fall. Are you with me?

You talk

and tears land frightened,
Break the back
Of my hand, trembling.

Only the ghost of my hand
Haunts your face that night
My lap houses a dream.


I move into your air
And fly.
Because I need to
Be more
Than what you
To step out
Of your dream.

Do you see me
A misty halo surround?

One Step Back

I take one step back
What do I get?

An accidental brush
(Or was it?)
Of your hand
On mine
(like a warm breeze)
And I shattered like glass
Only clearer, more transparent.
But the heart had no way
To go, so it leaped and leaped
(Or was it a recoil mechanism?).

The phone was still warm
This morn. My room reborn
A desert overnight - you hung
Around on its other side.

I did not cast a spell to words,
But walls lost their meanings.
Even the night breeze slowed
Its steps to listen to our hearts.

P.S.: I have been busy at work, hence, no posting. But my smartphone allows me to write. Which is a good thing, no?

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