Sunday, September 06, 2015

Opening/Closing Speech and Other Poems

Opening/Closing Speech

I am here today
to tell you all the shit
I have gone through.

I am here today
to tell you all the shit
I have gone through.

P.S.: Just edited the poem. Still don't think this is strong enough. And still, I cheated trying to do a Mark Strand's short poem "Elevator".

A haiku...not that I write much of it:

A Morning

A morning she writes
She moves words from left to right
They move her deeper

P.S.: Just thought of the title...This one bears no space for improvement - that is, at my current literary capability.

Evidently, I am rather productive this August. And I am beginning to understand why poetry is all about the content of the language, or in other words, what can the language do for you (i.e. for the writer/poet).

When I don’t Remember the Last Time I Saw a Woman Cry

Something like a flaming rose
Rose out of her sniffing nose;
A scent of eye-stinging despair
punched a heart-clutching air.

A patient to a delicate heart surgery
Done too poorly.
By all means and definitions
A heart-less operation.

P.S.:  This read like something I would have written years back.

with a woman

in darkness
a man is
not a man

P.S.: I wrote this as a joke to friends. One said "Chim", another, "can be an animal..or beast or demon...", which is my "old hag" instead of the "young maiden" in the instance where a poem is like a visual trick (and you can either see a old hag or young maiden.) 

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