Sunday, February 01, 2015

Some Poems

Breaking Silence

all is dead till you
throw a line into
empty air to fish
for a life out of
darkest sea.

Note: Now, this piece needs rework after rework. It started with "Silence grows till you / break it...", which I have to admit, is just not original enough. Then, the first line was "Silence is swimming," which seems to scream poetry, and isn't good. Good poetry has to come "naturally", as if "improvised".


There was a disaster
When you opened
your baggage
Of feelings for me.

We watched as
The world spun,
The ground shook,
Time stalled, even
Wind fell, caught me 

Breathless I couldn't
Think straight, was
Completely lost, so
Were our old days,
Said a last goodbye.

Then your blurring face
Refaced with that familiar
Smile, when I knew
We would survive.

Note: I was obsessed with this idea of a disaster happening after falling in love, triggered by that house-husband who hacked his soon-to-be divorced wife to death, before turning the chopper to himself, leaving his only son an orphan. Turned to writing on my handphone, on the bus, on a walk, in the library, as the idea followed me like a ghost.


I have nothing
to offer, except
my eyes dropped,
sad words
my lips parted.

I will then
be away
in a world
without hearts,
only memories of us
in a suitcase.

Note: Plucked from my scrapbook with minimum editing, I had read some of Cyril Wong's poems, and some read like lyrics of Chinese pop songs. This piece wasn't intended the way it turned out. Like life, you will never know how it will turn out until it ends.

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