Saturday, December 27, 2014

Marked Day

It's not a fair world, isn't it? What did I do to deserve this? Such a fair world this morning, don't you think? For a run, that is.

Last night's rain - judging by the sleek black ground when I left the house - must have taken away the humidity this morning, leaving a grey, open sky.

Mark this day: my run took me from my house down Bukit Timah Road, through Botanic Garden, Orchard Road, Garden by the Bay, to end at Old Airport Road - all of 21 KM. No, it's not the distance that matters. No, not the great finishing time. But the joy of running. Without the sun. I am sorry, but you are not invited, sun, to this party. May the music in the running feet echoes deep into dreams...

Now I will go into personal training as a dreams hunter. Enshrouded in blanket, eyes closed and mind emptied, or so it seems... 

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