Friday, June 27, 2014

This Journey

Thought on embarking on a journey of words this week while bedridden with a disease of a name I have no twisting tongue to match. No, it isn't a disease, this writing. But I hope it is spreading. Like rain, for instance. Speaking of which, there isn't much this week. Same goes for my words. Still, back to the proverbial journey...

I want to publish a collection of poetry. But first, a lot of reading up to be done. Like a marathon you got to train for the final, big race. I think, like any journey in the beginning, or even before it begins, it is most exciting. But it demands hard work. A lot of walking in the park, stumbling around, finding answers, and myths.

I have to set the finishing tape and milestones, work regularly on it or, more like feverishly. Whatever it takes. This journey.

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