Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Divergence

Call it a divergence from my earlier post.

In the context of the genesis of Homo sapiens, evolution is ultimately an exercise in gradual perfection, or at the very least bears a hint in development, advancement or growth. Making an epic example is a recent happening (still fresh in my mind, anyhow) when our beloved leader LKY lamented on the new generations (after the war) not understanding poverty. He was right on one front: we don't understand poverty. But there shouldn't be misgiving on our good fortune. By doing so, LKY had mismatched his staunch values with a very much different environment. It is not that the young people have regressed, that would go against the rule of evolution. But rather, circumstances (that is, the social, economic arenas, etc.) have changed, but somehow, LKY's values have not caught up with the tide of the time.

So as I've proffered, regression flows from within oneself.

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