Saturday, February 23, 2013


Reading my old post bring me laughter.

Firstly, I have to declare: there is no point to this entry - just random rambling, to set things right at the start. I have fallen off the wagon, having stopped writing on this blog, though I still doodle on my journal.

Been rather busy at work. A new much younger colleague translates to much needed help. Well, I don't know much about the young people nowadays, but he is rather stuck-up, I think, as if he has the rest of his life rolled out like a red carpet, hence it closes his ears and narrows his mind. And he is impulsive, I think - almost coming to a row with my superior. Imagine that, on his probation period! I only have the decency to tell him that my attitude towards him is this: a win-win situation, where I am glad with his help, he is happy with us, and the company needn't go around hunting for recruits, hence saving cost and indirectly, boosting my bonus. I kept the last bit on cost and bonus to myself, of course; I know, I am rather a scheming person. But you've to give it to me for my honesty.

Love watching the Lions XII at Jalan Besar Stadium and on TV for the away games. Our players, being younger, play their hearts out, focus on quick passing, off-the-ball movements, all a joy to watch.

Now obssessed with all things "The Painted Veil", listening to the audio book, and watching the movie on youtube.

Wrote one poem the other day, during one of the many rainy nights:


a hole
in the air
too big
too close
threatens to
on time
memories bright
with joy
like sun behind
leaving me

- mrdes

So one thing I learnt about poetry-writing recently, and which I should have done so earlier and have only a vague idea of, is that it can be personal, yes, but it must also be comprehensible to the readers: no use writing something that people don't understand. After all, poetry is also art, not just self-indulgence.  

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