Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Idle Mind's Ramble

Now I am in a rambling mood...

Sometimes, the most unfortunate way to treat a person is to take it  that he or she doesn't even exist. Take this guy, Mr Chris Reed. He complained that local cabbies are the worst lot, and questioned, for example, 'why does the "change shift" sign give taxi drivers the right not to pick people up?' Say, which part of "change shift" does he not understand? I can't understand how he can't empathise with a taxi hirer or relief rushing to a meeting point to hand over his cab on time. His "main gripe is that cab drivers here do not know their way around the city". I say, look around you, and at the street directory online, you will realise soon enough that though Singapore is a small place, roads are often changing and new buildings spring up of nowhere. Having said that, in all my years of living here, I've seldom met a caddy who doesn't know his way; the rare occasion is when the cabby is new, which is again, understandable. Blame the taxi company then, if you want, not the cabby, for letting him learn on the job. I say, most probably a cabby would have asked Mr Chris for his preferred route, if only to avoid being accused of taking a longer one. And I've myself once accused a new cabby for doing so, only to realise later that I had asked him to take me to Building A, when in my mind I had expected him to drop me at Building B, which in my experience most cabbies will, and is at a road opposite Building A.

And about cabs that do take "card" accepting only cash, honestly, how often does that happen? Haven't heard of Seven-Eleven store's Nets machine being down? I think I have encountered the latter more often. Alright, I've to admit that I don't take cab that often, but I have been living in Singapore for thirty over years, while Mr Chris has been here all of three years. Now, that ought to count in my favour.

Recently, after the National Day's public holiday, back at the office, some colleagues from another section were commenting aloud how LKY looked so "handsome", "glowingly healthy" (yes, those were their exact words), even "more so than his junior". Honestly, I almost puked secretly. Not that I have anything against LKY - there must be good reasons for his staying power in our political arena, no matter how you look at it, specially considering how politic really is dirty business. So when I happened to be wearing a blue shirt today, and some of them burst out alleging that I am a supporter of the Workers' Party, I jokingly refuted by saying, "No. I am actually a supporter of Nicole Seah". When some of them asked:"She is from which party huh?", I took a clumsy pause before replying, as it wasn't even in my mind. After whispering among themselves, they realised that she is notorious for her beauty and youth as a politician, took the drift and sneered in mock contempt at me, "a lusty uncle".

P.S.: I once called you-know-who a "cunning old fox" before this colleague who is something of a fanatic, and she gave me a death glare which I'd never forget.

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