Sunday, March 04, 2012

吳雨霏 - 我本人


人若變記憶便迷人 情令眼淺了便情深
認識一場 如雷雨一閃 就此沒有下文

其實你已經是閒人 其實我討厭被憐憫
或者一時 痠勞到傷身 弱得 像個病人

難忘你 好聽過若無其事沒韻味
你真人 其實陌生得可以記不起
毋忘你 精彩過別來無恙如遊戲
我本人 明白什麼都總有限期

含淚去葬花極麻煩 唯獨怨泣血沒時間
或者失意 是為了工作 慟哭未夠浪漫

難忘你 好聽過若無其事沒韻味
你真人 其實陌生得可以記不起
毋忘你 精彩過別來無恙如遊戲
我本人 明白什麼都總有限期

難忘你 好聽過淡忘情敵沒妒忌
我本人 無林黛玉的本領痛心死
毋忘你 彷彿要為紅樓夢內連戲
我本人 從來未稀罕悲壯傳奇
我本人 寧願為加班筋歇力疲


You got to give it to 林夕 really for his lyrics. I think he has portrayed the perfect modern working lady's fairy tale sadly, which begins with the female protagonist meeting a stranger, never knowing him more than a stranger (yes, he is kind-hearted, that she knows), and ends with making her think how exhausting this whole love thing is. In the process, it is proven that she selfishly, as modern love is supposed to be, disbelieves in sacrifices: 我本人 / 從來未稀罕悲壯傳奇. What labour is worthwhile if you know in the end, no fruit comes about? Yet, confused, she laments: 我本人 / 無林黛玉的本領痛心死 (Personally, I lack the craft to die from heart pains like Lin Dai Yu), as if she rather dies - the ultimate sacrifice - than undergoes this ordeal.

There are clashes between realism and human's desires here: people become more attractive being memories (人若變記憶便迷人), and love makes the eyes short-sighted, hence love becomes deeper (or longer) (情令眼淺了便情深).

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