Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being "Jesus"

If to live is to act and think, regardless wrongly or correctly, literally, then one would have contributed in some way to this world: as a hero, or a villain inspiring heroics. Of course, assuming this world needs a hero, in that old world sense - like Superman, the one you can always depend on to resolve the most difficult problem saving the world, willingly sacrificing himself, and most importantly without thoughts of personal reward. Even considering there is only grey, no black or white - but that is another story and pushing too close to the truth, which can be bad for argument. On one hand, my defensive mechanism - and it's only for my own good - prohibits me from thinking that flawless "hero" still exists, on another hand, it's like a miracle that we want to believe, and for some, fuelled by religion - like the Christian's God - and some unfounded childhood innocence, we continue to. And part of me continues to believe that I can be that "hero" - without the world-saving part, that is, but doing good among the "ugly faces", thinking they too have some goodness in them around me. Yes, I am "Jesus" being crucified, yet smiling to all mankind. And I don't even believe in His existence. Or maybe, humans are fallen angels who have only lost their power upon falling in love with this place we called Earth. And that is good enough for me.

P.S.: Say, did I ever proclaim that if there is a God, or a Creator, he must be alien, mutated, or able to transform himself or herself (whatever, He is not even human) into any ordinary, everyday shape - that is why he is everywhere, knows everything and just like that breeze. Like that Corrinne May's song about an angel before her eyes, and she only sees him when he performs a generous act.

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