Sunday, February 12, 2012

Outside JRL* / Random Thoughts

Outside JRL*

Perhaps unfettered
From cagey books,
Civility borrowed
From the library
He exits, the boy
Throws his wing-spanned
Hands to heaven like birds,
Knee-fists punching air
In succession, as if in
A ritual dance of worship
For his release. And I to
Myself, “hey, kid, the library
Is no zoo to monkey! Neither
Is this jungle yours!”

- mrdes, 11 Feb 12

*Jurong Regional Library


Just heard today of Whitney Houston's death at the age of 48. I have to ask what is this relation between drug and pop superstars. A substitute for the high they feel on stage, in view of life's emptiness or mundanities off it?

Liverpool sucked big time, I thought, while the Lion XII soared. Anuar Sufian showed agression and determination of steel; while Baihakki and Safuwan, as usual, were in total control, and this borne well for the national team.

I say, the populace must be dying to know the name of the school which the principal involved in the vice ring belonged to.

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