Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In the News: On SMRT and a Poem

Will start my post with a poem by a certain Mr Gan See Siong (presumably male, judging from his below piece) from the Moving Words collection (a great initiative by NAC and SMRT!)

You Need Me

"You like to enter me in the wee hours of morning
That part of yours in protective sheath
And go romping with me
Three to four times a week.

A gentle man you are not
For without warning you would spread me wide
To accommodate the full extent of you.

You strapped me up
With those dexterous fingers
So close I can see your grim determination
The even rise and fall of your chest.

And just like that
You would head me
Down the pleasure road
Growing all hot and hard in me.

If only you knew how I long for these sessions,
They are the reason why I even exist," said the pair of running shoes.


As a matter of fact, it's not lost on me that I need her, more than she me. You see, I have been out of action, or rather not "romping", for the past 3 weeks due to persistent flu, cough, fever followed by giddy spells, to much extend that my GP has no idea what's causing my calamitous failing of health and recommended the hospital. Initial diagnosis suggested ear infection. On retrospection, I narrowed two possible events that may have started the chain, which I rather not elaborate further than to add that one has something to do with a loud crack in the sky during a nice walk at Punggol waterway followed by a cold, soaked body and a few good fishermen.

The good news is I have now recovered sufficiently for a short 15 minutes run against the advice of the hospital pending my next appointment.

On another front, the subject everyone is talking about (presumably so, judging by the readers' letters to Strait's Time).

In my opinion, perhaps, certain functions in our small tiny dot may not be suitable for privatisation. Public transport being one of them due to the small size of our population and land: a small gitch would be a big disaster (lucky, no life was lost). And for the same reason, privatisation in this instance does not promote competition.

The cold fact is that the populace has no alternative here - if you need to go somewhere, you will have to take the bus or train, otherwise pay more for taxi, but considering the recent hike? - and hence is at SMRT's mercy. And stop comparing SMRT to London tube: our rail simply isn't as complex or long; their system has been built over a long time and can afford alternative routes, we just remained trapped in the system. Having said that, I am sure that no public transport system (owned by the public, funded by tax payers' money) would have allowed passengers to be left in airless darkness, not knowing when the ordeal will end.

Just read this:

Alas! All are but to no avail, SMRT and SBS are just "contracted" to operate and maintain the train system etc. LTA is the owner of the infrastructure bulit using taxpayers' money! So I guess in the meantime, I will just have to bring a hammer to work in case the MRT window needs breaking...

SMRT's Ms Saw is looking more and more like the scapegoat...she might as well grow a beard...

Happy going back to work tomorrow...with a hammer, that is...

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Uncle Meow said...

It takes quite a fair bit of faith to take the trains these days. I chose the bus whenever I can if I can't ride my motorbike due to the rainy weather.