Monday, December 05, 2011

Random Thoughts

The year is coming to an end. Things have slowed down at work, or in fact, in life in general, as if the winding down has begun. Thoughts, poetry in ink trickle at times, but nothing coagulates.

Am excited about the Lion's Malaysia Cup adventure next year and watching "The Muppet" at the cinema again - "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street!"

It's the little things that are little bubbles of joy, getting to write on my notebook, listening to a great piece of music, even reading poems.

Just watched "White Vengeance". Some great epic scenes here and there, but I think that the director, Daniel Lee, somehow slightly lost his focus on the relationships, the strings of fate that work on mortal men like puppets. Intriguing battles of wits, after all, life is like a game of chess. The climax that is the banquet was the movie's central piece and truly sublime. I thought Xiang Yu should look more fearless, and merciless. Still, it was much better than "Immortal" - what was it about again?

One poem I wrote some time ago...

Waiting for my bus

Rain-rushed grey river runs giant
metal boxes on rubber before slipping
into downstream hollow, but none
of them I am waiting for,
thus are all loathed.

I am making paper aeroplanes
out of time but they don't fly
well, which brings life
to standstill.

Now I sit in a ghost town waiting
for the ultimate disaster to befall.

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