Sunday, November 06, 2011

Theophilus Kwek's Love Letters

Love Letters

If the ‘my’ in love is spelt m for ‘me’
and y for ‘you’, then let me keep
the Unbelievable Secret of ‘us’ as well
so I can taste its wait-sweet words
by dappled moon and softly laugh
at young and tenuous follies;

when you were to me
a state of mind
and I to you
a sometime find.

And if hearts by time wearied are
then give me scarlet paper ones to light
quiet fires red as forever sun,

or better still leave
me Every Yearning Eclipse of ‘eye’,
that open window to your soul, to give
me a glimpse of journey’s end.

But since your pen and these my words
soon roped, spell open doors when mixed –
then we might here in somewhat time
love, learn, talk, kiss
or switch the letters of our lives
and make pair with our initials.

- Theophilus Kwek

P.S.: Theophilus Kwek is another talented local poet who has recently just published his collection, "They Speak Only Our Mother Tongue"

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