Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Hear

I hear the rush of rain outside my window. Weird weather we have here: flood on Sunday, a bright, humid sun for the past two days, then this. At least we are not PRC, not so dependent on the work of nature, though the Indonesian boy's death is a tragedy totally avoidable. More like the political situation here, considering the cemented solidarity of the past few years in the iron hand of LKY. One wouldn't have seen this coming a few months back. The same applies to Mr Tan Kin Lian confirming his candidacy in the Presidential Election. Or maybe not. If his presence as a speaker at an opposition's rally is any indication of things to come. I hope he plays his cards right. I'll keep in mind the role of a President when considering my vote. To perform a check, he would preferably be someone independent of any political party's linkage. Though, I have other concerns.

The Election is now like a distant dream. I still have my doubt if the 6 opposition MP will have any impact in Parliament, but one thing for sure: The ruling party is afraid. Very afraid. You have the Transport Minister taking bus and MRT, and the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources outlining his flood-prevention plan. Or am I reading too much into things?

Some of my colleagues under the Aljunied GRC are "whispering" how they are suffering for the good of the rest in Singapore. Funnily, it has nothing to do with the Opposition party, for problems like uncleared rubbish, as one colleague candidly admitted, are long-existing.

Now, I have my own inner life to live...and I hear it calling.

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