Thursday, April 21, 2011


Months back, was thinking how things were going smoothly at work, and for my health in general. Even then, the thought that a low would always follow a high, was not far. Then it hit me...

First, I caught my right leg under my left stretching for a soccer ball skittering across my running path. The result is a fortunate one really, considering the pain that shot through my knee that first night, and my GP's initial diagnosis that I might have torn my knee ligament. I was staring at months out from the game, not to mention, running. Imagine my relief when the specialist found only my ligament stretched. I even managed to run close to 10 KM the week after. Now, the pain has come back in a smaller degree. So I am listening to my body: must get more rest.

Soon after that run, I was caught again. This time, with viral infection, some unclean food I ate which I have no idea what exactly - but not Japanese food, definitely. It had me down for five days, till Tuesday. Now, though back on my feet, I feel weak most of the time, unable to even read for long hours, and slowing down at work. In the midst, depression set in, thinking I may never run again, never kick a ball; or worst, never be able again to work, or read regularly. Life has no absolute assurance, if you think about it.


T(H)(B) said...

You will be fine!

mrdes said...

Thanks! Nothing more than a few laps in the pool today to fix, I realised:)