Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Name of the Game

I'm fortunate, really, having winged legs to gift me the freedom of the field to glaze...

When a flimsy light clang to the bedroom curtain, I was up and kicking - or rather, ready to kick. A soccer ball, that is. And what a ball of a time I had!

At 9 am, I had manoeuvred myself through the cold, silent tunnels of Boon Keng MRT station, before witnessing sunlight pouring on green field. I once contemplated that "dreams are built on fields" - no matter how muddy the fields are! The deluge on the day before didn't help.

Soon enough, the rest of the lads arrived in their own vehicles: cars, motorbike. And most of them had our last year's team jersey on. Only then did it sink in that this could be the first of our team's training for this year's inter-SBU competition. No more are we going to just show our faces for the tournament, it seems we are going to stand our ground and roar like lions!

Now, for the reality: We are just a branch of men with a passion. One of the guys said it best when he quipped to a new player's question on how good the other teams were last year: Not really good. But we were lousier.

Eventually, we split up to play a four against five game of two halves, and I thought I mistimed my tackle a few times, and put a few misplaced passes into the the opponent's feet. And within ten minutes, we were all panting hard. The rust showed - it must have been six months since my last game. But I felt myself growing in confidence and sharpness. By the second half, I was myself again, and sure enough, was putting my shots into net.

Certainly, the lads were surprised at my potency in front of goal, as I have always claimed myself as a defensive player for my diminutiveness and penchant for tigerish - or I like to think so - tackles. To such an extent, they even considered putting me as their chief striker upfront. I could only laugh it off. Seriously, me as a striker? Fittness considered, or in physical size, I haven't got it, I know. Then again, we were in the game for fun. And yes, the game today was played in the name of fun.

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