Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amateur Runner at the Gym

So, due to persistent rain, I was forced indoor for my maiden run on a treadmill. And I experienced first hand something like the endless rush of a hamster on a wheel - rather unspontaneous, as if you are forced by the ground to keep yourself from slipping off the black track - where you go no where despite your best effort. Yet, what is great about treadmill is that, for one, it allows you to easily run at a constant pace and rhythm. The satisfaction is immediate too, as you get to view the finishing time, and distance covered - two things important to an amateur runner like myself. And then, the $2.50-per-entry gym places the treadmills close to each other, so I can observe my neighbours' speed indicator, or up close, their legs' swiftness. In this way, I find it motivating. Especially if the guy beside seemed to be thundering away. Either that or I can opt to stride for my own pleasure. Coupled with some cycling, one and a half hour passed rather fast in the gym. Some pocket money well spent, I say!

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