Saturday, December 04, 2010

In Complacency

What do you want from, or in life? Nothing. A blank. Even happiness is a want, I realised. What does life want from, or in me? Even if I am just existing, not living. I am just another ant - I do no harm, no good to anybody, to myself. I am just a passing. A breeze. Light-footed. Weightless. I am me. I am in complacency, thinking I am without want.

If only for those who love me, and I love. My life holds meaning. I realised, and should have known. Thank you all, for my existence beyond existing. My happiness in complacency.

P.S.: Resting, in complacency, while trying to recover from a slight running nose and flu, before the big run tomorrow. I had recently been reminded there should not be any condition or want attached to happiness. Now, I am having second thought.

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