Saturday, July 03, 2010

Random Update

Woke up with below words like crows sitting on the wire of my mind, behind a grey gloomy sky:

They come from the sky,
Your tears,
On the days
I watch the sky

I was telling KL after the Brazil-vs-Holland match how "There is only one certainty in soccer: The best team doesn't always win." He was saying how even the great Brazilians can be stopped by parking a bus in front of goal. All in all, a great loss for neutral fans like myself. If you have seen the first-half of that match, no doubt you would agree.

Was on the bus to work on Friday, when the below song swam slowly through my earphones, tugged at my heartstrings, and the world seemed to freeze.

我看见 风在你头上留下小树叶
忍不住 抚你白发容颜
你疼我 眼角慢慢生起美丽的线
大树下 抱我的肩
我看见 真看见
当我说 你曾笑我想太远
我看见 才看见
当你说 很抱歉

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