Sunday, April 25, 2010

Running a Fever

I think I am running a slight fever. I suspect it to be the heat this morning at MacRitchie Reservoir where I ran my second 15 KM of the year. And now, this fever. Dehydration, I guess, plays its part. Can't say I don't enjoy the run though. With others running with you, surely you would push yourself that much harder. And you really can't take away the satisfaction in completing the run, can you.

MacRitchie being MacRitchie, and me being a non-competitive, or as I prefer to be called, a social runner, I stopped running, standing still at about 7 KM, and lumbered along for a while before picking up my speed again. This happened twice more during the run, though I thought my finishing time was encouraging, even better than my first run, considering the terrain of high slopes and hard ground.

Seriously, I don't think the event organiser made any money out of this, as I got to take home a hydration bag, which I have just the perfect idea for. The last time I checked, a hydration bag with bladder definitely costs more than $50, which was what I paid for the run.

P.S.: Listening to S.E.N.S again. Apart from the Passion Run in May, I am planning to run the Southern Ridges. Yup, running's a fever

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