Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Dilemma

I have been thinking recently of what LKY said, specifically his Darwinian stance. His statement is harsh, but makes plenty of sense. Still, I'm not sure that was a smart political move. My fellow countrymen are used to associating the incumbent Prime Minister with his senior.

There is no win-win situation for this little red dot, really. You can increase the salaries of the men on the street, by simply legislating minimum wages, so they can get a better life, to ease the high cost of living, to boost the birth-rate. But you risk the country losing its competitiveness, the valued foreign investments, and facing relocation of companies resulting in massive job loss.

My view is that increasing the foreign worker levies is only a stop-gap solution. We really need to rely less on foreign investment, and focus on developing local entrepreneurship. But will the successful local business leaders lift a finger to help the impoverised? The answer lies in the young people, our future that is, that you see around every day.

Why young people, you asked? Statistics have proven that managers, or the decision-makers in big corporations, have always been getting younger. After all, they supposedly have more energy and drive. Now, here is the catch: Didn't LKY say that "Singaporeans have become "less hard-driving and hard-striving"? But how hard really can you push your child?

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