Sunday, January 31, 2010

Retro: S.E.N.S's "Wish"

What you have are wings
attached to your heart.
Spread them hence
in search of paradise
deep inside, a melody.

The Japanese duo, S.E.N.S (Sound.Earth.Nature.Spirit.), wrote some of the most beautiful music imaginable. My favourite piece, of course, being "Be As You Were When We Met", but the best soundtrack album I ever procured has to be the "Wish" album, written for the hit Japanese drama series "神請給我多一點時間" starring Takeshi Kaneshire (金城武). And there is that mesmerising trilogy of "Palace Memories" ("故宫"), "Palace Sketch" ("故宫续曲") and "Palace Seeds" ("再见!故宫").

P.S.: I first wrote about S.E.N.S here. Currently listening to "Love", also by S.E.N.S.