Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Random Things About Me

1. I eat prawns without peeling off the shells not because I prefer them that way, but because I am just plain lazy.

2. Sometimes, after I had watched a good movie alone (because I couldn't get anyone to watch with me.), walking out of the theatre, I would suddenly feel very lonely, wishing for someone to talk about the movie. Then I would message my friends to tell them what a good movie they missed, part of me hoping they would feel bad.

3. When I was little, my first idea about sexual intercourse involved the sperms spurting through a woman's mouth before flowing into the stomach. Thus, the sperms grow into babies, like seeds into flowers.

4. When I was a teenager, I secretly aspired to be a marriage counselor. I thought of myself of being an expert in BGR, after reading through all the Q&A on relationship from a stack of old "Her World" magazines that my eldest sister left behind. I only dropped the idea after fearing that I would end up recommending divorce as a resolution.

5. I carry a sporty messenger bag to office, not just because I love carrying one, but because, stripped of formality, it makes me feel that I am going to some place to have fun.

6. I think I look better with contact lens, but I just can't put a finger to my eye before it closes.

7. Now looking back, I suffered from deep depression due to loneliness at the age of 30, only books and my decision to go to evening class saved me. I think my friends - both married and single - were useless then with their ridiculous suggestions.

8. After my National Service, I was in private school. One day, I was in the library when I caught a young lady motionless at the doorway, peering at me. In awkwardness, I grinned at her, and unexpectedly, she came over. Opening a thick dictionary to randomly point at a rather difficult long word, she asked me how to pronounce it. Because at that stage of my life, all my thoughts were only on my studies, I just shook my head politely and returned to my books. Her disappointment was palpable. Occasionally, I still reminisce this with fondness yet regret.

9. A young lady in his mid-20s once harboured a interest for me, on my close friend's encouragement. Then, one day, she asked about my age and upon my answer, disgust was written all over her face. It hurt really, and still does sometimes. I was thirty then.

10. I secretly fret over my eldest nephew's future, who resembled me most in his weak disposition.


TeeHedgeBee said...

I'm sure it isn't that bad Des! Cheer up!

Shingo T said...

Haha, finally a chance to get to know the poet behind his poems.

#2: I only watched a movie once in my life. And that feeling sucks, and I get that lonely feeling too after I step out the cinema.

#8: Sweet library experience. For me, it's always me peering at other gals and never the other way round.

Sometimes, don't you just wanna turn back time to re-do the things that could possibly changed your life?

#9: <10 years apart isn't a big deal in today's society, as long as it's the guy older than the gal. And I thought they say gals mature faster, so it's better for a gal to date a much older guy.

Old Beng said...

>> I suffered from deep depression due to loneliness at the age of 30

Dude, you are ok now right?

Hmmm.... reading through your 10 Random Things then I realised I know nothing about you, only that you write nice poems.

Des and Shingo, care to meet up with uncle for kopi?